Saturday, 26 September 2015

Get the Link of SBI seeding with Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card is just not a card but it’s a unique 12 digit no given to every Indian citizen to provide them individual identity all over India. People can easily connect with Aaddhar Card Online by just passing through filling the minor identity processes. Aadhaar Card is now linked as a top identity proof which includes the photographs, iris scan and finger prints impression never be misused by anyone.

Now UIDAI has made a beautiful bridge of linking Aadhaar Card with SBI Bank. Now with the simple online procedure you can link Aadhaar Card with reputed nationalized SBI Bank. For this link you must possess internet banking facility. With the easy procedure your Aaddhar Card can be connected with SBI bank let us show you how.

·         First open your SBI Netbanking site
·         Enter your username and password
·         You will display “MY Account” section click on it
·         You will enter here in the “Link your Aadhaar Number”  in the upper left side
·         Now click on it
·         Select the correct SBI savings account number and write your Aadhaar Card no here
·         At the end procedure click on submit tab
·         Your Aaddhar Card is linked with SBI now.

Offline Linking SBI with Aadhaar Card

·         You need to go online SBI site and click on the link of Aaddhar Linking letter
·         Take this latter copy you have to add your original Aadhaar Card with photo copy
·         As well as Savings Account Passbook of SBI
·         Correctly fill all the detailed information in the linking latter
·         Show your Passbook and original Aadhaar card to the state SBI branch
·         Here you go; you will be soon notified as soon Aadhaar Card is linked to Bank Account.

SBI Linking with SMS

·         Send SMS 567676
·         UID (space) <Aadhaar number> (space)<Account number>
·         The bank will scan your information properly
·       Once you’re Aadhaar Card will seed with SBI bank, you will be send SMS to your mobile.

Here is the thorough guide we have provided here for the advanced linking of Aadhaar Card with SBI. For more information visit: Hope you will like it.

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